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As a long standing Isaac Asimov fan, I have been collecting his books, articles, audio, CD ROM, Video and other memorabilia for many years.  With the wonder of the Internet, and eBay in particular, I have been 'improving' my collection by converting many of them into hardback versions.  As many of them are ex-library books I have noted the libraries that they came from so that my collection now makes an interesting tour covering the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

Not all of the material catalogued here is purely written by Isaac Asimov.  Some of it is work he has done in conjunction with others (such as his wife) and where he has been editor, again sometimes with others.  Asimov (and his estate) also allowed other authors to use his ideas to develop new material.  The best example of this is probably The Second Foundation Trilogy written by The Killer B's - David Brin, Greg Bear and Gregory Benford.

I use Book Library to manage my collection which now amounts to nearly 500 items.  I recommend it and it can be found here

I have also written some fan fiction which other people have enjoyed reading so they are on this site as well.  These have now been made into a limited edition book of which there is only one copy!

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